BT improves decision making with cloud business intelligence Integrates informatica BI with Salesforce CRM

Published on 19/06/2012

BT Retail has deployed a new cloud-based, business intelligence system to help get the best out of its customer relationship management data.

BT Retail has integrated the Informatica Cloud business intelligence platform with its Salesforce CRM databases in an attempt to deliver more agile decision making across BT Retail.

The telco said the move would "accelerate executive decisions" by gleaning information and unifying reporting from 5,000 Salesforce users across BT Retail, BT Business and BT Conferences.

The platform would "increase the value of data" by ensuring the relevant Salesforce information is available to the BT Retail leadership team, providing the data "at the moment of value and making sure that it is timely and holistic", BT Retail said.

Chris Hammond, project director at BT Business, said: "The easy-to-use cloud integration service ensures that everyday reporting performed through Salesforce is complete and up-to-date. This supports agile and accurate decision making, enabling BT retail to get ever closer to customers by understanding their lifestyles and their businesses."

The Informatica Cloud system will be further extended to integrate data for reporting from other areas of the business that currently do not use Salesforce, including BT Directories, said Hammond.